Before there was Juice Shop, we were just a family taking care of each other. Our health journey began in 1998 when founding brother, Charlie Gulick, became ill after a surfing trip in Central America. The next five years were filled with many misdiagnoses and invasive procedures until he was finally diagnosed with a rare liver condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). After being told that he would have to rely on regular endoscopic procedures, prescription medication, and, ultimately, a liver transplant, our family sought out an alternative approach.

At a world-renowned health institute, Charlie was placed on a strict regimen of plant-based foods, green juices, and other holistic modalities. The results were immediate and effective—not only did his physical symptoms disappear, but his live blood analysis showed normal liver function and improved health. After he returned home, the entire family supported Charlie’s newfound lifestyle by committing to these holistic practices and including juices in their daily health regimen. 

We started Juice Shop with the mission to transform the lives of our family and friends. Today, Juice Shop is three brothers—Charlie, Ben, and Jake—and Charlie’s wife, Lina, along with an amazing and dedicated team. We share our story to encourage others to come to us and share their own. We believe that food has the power to radically change lives, as we have experienced it firsthand. Now, we want to share these benefits with you.


When it comes to juice, the quality and freshness of the ingredients and method of extraction are integral in creating the best possible product. What has always been a driving force and distinguishing factor at Juice Shop is only offering raw and living, organic juices. We have adhered to these foundational standards since our humble beginnings when we were juicing for each other in our family kitchen. We are still committed to serving the freshest and purest juice to amplify the incredible health potential that exist in the plants we use.

We only use 100% organic ingredients and all of our juices, elixirs, and nut milks are completely raw (no pasteurization or HPP). They are made daily in small batches using a hydraulic press—widely known as the cold-press method. Unlike other juicing methods, hydraulic presses maintain the temperature of the produce and limit oxidation by slowly exerting thousands of pounds of pressure. This process protects the integrity of the plants’ cellular structure and, therefore, yields the purest form of extracted juice with the highest density of nutrients, enzymes, and flavor. 


At Juice Shop we are a mission driven company. When we officially opened our doors in 2010 we made the decision that our community, teams and offerings were going to be the priority. We adopted the philosophy to think big and to lead with our hearts. This quickly segued into working closely with local organic farms and cultivating long-standing relationships in alignment with seasonality and availability.

Along with supporting sustainable and organic farming practices, glass has always been at the forefront of Juice Shop’s guiding principles. We choose glass not only because it retains the flavor of the juice and is the safest material to drink from (glass does not degrade or leach chemicals), but it is the best choice for the environment. We buy back all of our 16oz juice bottles after use to wash, reuse, and create a closed-loop system. We have saved over 5 million plastic bottles (and counting) from entering landfills and waterways. As a mindful business, we believe that this accountability for our practices can create a significant impact and stand for something larger than ourselves.