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Nut Milks & Smoothies

Strawberry Milk

Sprouted Almond Milk*, Strawberry*, Reishi Mushroom*, Goji Berry*, Date*

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Chocolate Mushroom Milk

Sprouted Almond Milk,* Date,* Cacao,* Mushroom Blend (Reishi,* Cordyceps,* Chaga,* Lion's Mane*), Himalayan Salt

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Blue Plant Protein Shake

Sprouted Almond Milk,* Sprouted Bio-Fermented Brown Rice,* Hemp Seed,* Chia Seed,* Red Maca,* Tocos,* Date,* Blue Spirulina,* Himalayan Salt

*Certified Organic Ingredients

5 Seed

Sunflower Seed,* Hemp Seed,* Chia Seed,* Flax Seed,* Pumpkin Seed,* Blue-green Algae,* Strawberries,* Banana,* Sprouted Raw Almonds,* Himalayan Salt, Filtered Water

*Certified Organic Ingredients

5 Seed $12.50
Mushroom Cold Brew

Sprouted almond milk,* Cold brew coffee,* Coconut blossom nectar,* Lionsmane mushroom,* Chaga mushroom*

*Certified Organic Ingredients