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Washed and rinsed 16 oz bottles can be returned at our Marin or Hayes Valley locations anytime during operating hours in exchange for $2 per bottle . If ordering via delivery, washed and rinsed 16 oz bottles can be picked up at your delivery location and will be refunded to the card on file that was used for your website order. Please make a note if you would like bottles picked up during delivery to ensure that we pick them up. Please allow for 3 business days for delivery refunds to be issued to your card on file.

All of our juice and elixirs are raw and unpasteurized and have 3-5 day shelf life. Your best by date can be found on the lid of your juice or elixir so please check before consuming.

You can place an order for delivery in San Francisco or pickup at our shops for Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Our order cutoff is 11am prior to your delivery or pickup day. So, if you would like your order picked up or delivered on Monday it must be placed by 11am on Sunday.


The more prepared you are, the better your cleansing experience and results will be. We recommend you include these changes three days before starting your juice cleanse.

Avoid: Alcohol - Nicotine - Animal Products - Refined Sugar - Wheat - Decrease Caffeinated Drinks

Add: Juices - Smoothies - Vegetables - Fruits - Salads - Soups - Whole Gluten-Free Grains - Water

Our juices are perishable so please be sure to refrigerate them as soon as possible. Each day you begin your juice cleanse with the 2 oz Blue-Green Algae Elixir. Be sure to give the elixir a good shake to achieve maximum benefits. We then recommend that you begin with your first juice of the day and continue in intervals of about two hours, consuming your last one approximately two hours before going to bed. The last juice should be followed by the final 2 oz Elixir.

Our juice cleanses are designed to replace meals and snacks. To ensure that your cleansing experience is as effective and enjoyable as possible, please make sure to drink plenty of water in between the juices. 

Everybody reacts differently when cleansing. You may not experience any symptoms, while others can experience one or more. To help support your detoxification, be sure to drink one glass of water in between your juices or herbal decaffeinated teas. Get plenty of rest and keep any physical exertion as light as possible. Listen to your body as it will tell you when to slow down and take it easy. Taking extra care to be mindful and self-aware during a cleanse will help in the elimination and release of accumulated toxins. Some of the most effective ways to relieve any detox symptoms are:

Colonics/Enemas - Exfoliate/Sweat - Breathe/Get Into Nature - Smile

Now that you have reset your body, mind, and spirit, we want to make sure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste and that you are prepared to maintain all the positive changes from your cleanse. As you begin to re-introduce foods back into your diet, be sure to continue to drink plenty of water and pace yourself with simple whole foods. We recommend even drinking a few extra juices as you shift your diet back to the pre-cleanse food suggestions:

Juices - Smoothies - Vegetables - Fruits - Salads - Soups - Whole Gluten-Free Grains - Water

The answer varies from person to person. The longer you cleanse, there’s a greater chance to have a deeper, more profound overall sense of wellness. Regardless, a one-day juice cleanse will set a positive tone throughout your week; you will feel incredible from it. We suggest to start with a three-day cleanse as an entry point, a five-day cleanse for a second timer, and a ten-day cleanse for the seasonal cleanser.

We recommend to pace yourself during a juice cleanse. With that being said, many people do exercise and are pleasantly surprised by how much energy they have while cleansing. Even though you may be flying high, just make sure you are not overexerting yourself.

Yes. The opposite could be a possibility as well, as these are both normal effects of a cleanse. This is why we recommend colonics, enema, and drinking plenty of water while cleansing.

Yes. While our cleanses are designed to abstain from food, alternatively, many of our guests do participate in doing a version with food, as they still find the cleanse to be effective.

We recommend doing a juice cleanse during each seasonal change and as a preventive lifelong holistic practice. This helps prepare the body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes. Many people will do a cleanse when they experience detox symptoms like fatigue, low energy, digestive problems, sleep problems, low immunity, or mental challenges. Sometimes these issues arise when you are overexerting or indulging. Our philosophy is to incorporate our juices, nut milks, smoothies, and elixirs into your daily health regimen to benefit your health and wellbeing throughout the year.