Juice Shop Cleanse

The Juice Shop Cleanse is made up of a balanced and nourishing selection of cold-pressed juices and elixirs geared towards immunity and the release of accumulated toxins in your body. This particular sequence is intended to detoxify, alkalize and to increase your energy levels. 

A juice cleanse is a liquid fast, during which you abstain from solid foods. This allows for your body to take a break from digestions and address the impact of accumulated toxins and stress in your body. Experience an immediate transformation with one of the safest methods to eliminate toxins and increase your energy levels and mental clarity.

Price includes $12 of refundable bottle deposits

Choose the amount of days below:

Our juices are 100% raw, to maintain freshness we deliver our cleanses in 2 day increments. Please contact us if you need help breaking up your cleanse deliveries for you. Local pick up and delivery only.

Includes: AM–Blue Green Algae, 1. Pure Celery, 2. Citrus Gold, 3. Deep Green, 4. Coconut Water, 5. A+ Deep Green, 6. Blue Plant Protein Shake, PM–Turmeric

Pre Cleanse Instructions

To maximize the benefits of a juice cleanse, we recommend you include these healthy habits at least three to five days before starting your juice cleanse.