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Milk & Honey Bath salt

Moon Bath

Moon Bath infuses consciously-mined ancient sea salt with a velvety blend of coconut milk, honey crystals and aromatic essential oils to create a uniquely nourishing experience for your whole being. Infused with the moisturizing element of coconut milk and the nutritive element of honey crystals, this blend provides deep nourishment and inspires your skin to glow. Essential oils of Frankincense, Lavender and Bergamot each offer unique and profound physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Use as a moisturizing and exfoliating body scrub in the shower or add to your bath.

Moon Bath represents the exploration of ancient healing modalities, elevation of the diverse global community and stewardship of our precious earth. Inspired by living in alignment with the lunar cycles, Moon Bath was founded by Dakota and Sierra and is based in Colorado. All products are simple and natural, containing no synthetic chemicals or preservatives — because those don’t belong on our skin.

Ingredients: Ancient Sundance Sea Salt, Honey Crystals*, (dehydrated) Coconut Milk*, Frankincense Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*, Bergamot Essential Oil*.

*Organic ingredients

Size: 8 fl oz (227g)

Organic / Women owned / Sustainably packaged.